Welcome to the official website for Company B Jazz Band, Vancouver's premiere vintage three-part vocal harmony group! Here's where you'll find any and all information about us: what we do, when and where we play, how to get in touch with us, plus regular updates. Enjoy! 


We would like to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who has helped us make our October 2015 trip to China a reality.

They are, in no particular order:

Grant Simpson

Dong Jinming

Julia Vyse

Mike Thiessen

Ben Henriques

Jens Christiansen

Cynthia Lucas

Ali Romanow

Bria Skonberg

Moses Barrett

Claudia Nobauer

Tyler Harrison

Nao Nishihara

Dawn "Spikey Robertson" Liao



Province of Jiangsu Arts & Culture Department

The Municipal Governments of Nanjing, Suzhou, Kunshan, Wuxi, Nanton, Yancheng, Guanyun, Lianyungang, Huai'an, and Xuyi

The support team in Jiangsu

Ze Germans: Martin, Andreas, and Bernd


Fung Chow

The Canadian Consulate in Shanghai

 Everyone who helped us spread the word on social media

Everyone who contributed to our Indiegogo campaign:

Brendan Mooney

Jefferson Lee

Simon Hodge

Tanya Taggart-Hodge

Heather Hodge

Brian Gish

Hilary MacInnis

Cat Toren & Jesse Math

Fran Morris Rosman

Yusely Chan

Bob Wiles

Charlotte Smith

Paula Padilla

Matías Comino

Judy Henriques

Julia Boyle

Nigel George

Barb Lee LeWarne

Marcos Padilla

Robert B Ingraham

Louise Taillon

Judy Pike

Janet Clark

Tom Ellis 

Dereck & Joan Hicks

Susan Clark & Rick Novosel

Carollyne Conlinn

Ingrid Taggart

Allen Thiessen

Kyle Owen

Gary Luftspring

Isobel Allen-Floyd

Glenn Rourke

Reese Hicks

Richard Henriquez

Michael Steinman

RB Melrose

Ed Easton

The Hot Mammas: Georgina Arntzen, Julie Brown, & Mary Ella Young

Wendy Knudson

Elinor Hackett

Greg Martin

Tanzi Reule

Gord Hodge

Jesse Miner

Manu Smith

Matt Lam

Bob Erndt

Matthew Smith

Anthony Chotem

Kathy Farmer

Barney Lee

Barbara Adler

Malcolm Aiken

Wendy Trigg

Lucy Falkner

Kayden Gorden

Lorill & Keith Britz

Catie Fissel & Dave Henderson

Laura Kwun

Louise Messenger-Riley


Anita Eccleston

Leslie Mounteney

Joy Adamson

Brettan Falkenberg

Scott W. Gray

Marc Baker

Josh Hildebrandt & Kirsten Toren

Annemarie Thiessen

Anthony Turner


Sarah Kennedy

Dana Oikawa

Rick Lin

Jeffrey Rambharack

Eileen Jones

Matt Bartlett

Susan Hanson

Maureen Scott

Ann Cooper

Mako Ruan

Jan Smith

Leah Wilcox

Fang & Seal Family

Al & Jan Buckham

David “Scrudgie” Edgeworth

Joe & Leona Doyle

Fred & Jean Northgraves

Several darlings who have chosen to remain anonymous

And the folks who contributed grassroots-style at the following shows:

Vancouver International Jazz Festival on Granville Island on July 1st

The Ashcroft Music & Wellness Festival on July 18th

The Lonsdale Quay on July 19th

The Surrey Museum on July 23rd

The Imperial on July 30th

The Rourke family reunion in Toronto on August 2nd

The Richmond Maritime Festival on August 9th

Shipbuilders Square in North Vancouver Aug 27th

and Tangent Café September 30th


This list of helpers includes people from ALL OVER THE WORLD - British Columbia, the Yukon, Alberta, Ontario, Québec, Washington State, Oregon, California, Texas, Louisiana, New York, Washington DC, Mexico, England, Spain, Australia, and China.  Our tour absolutely would not have been  possible without all of your help - THANK YOU!!

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