"What a fantastic show today at the Art Gallery!  Wonderful music, great dancers, [despite the] pouring rain. You all sounded and looked beautiful.  I hope a lot of your colleagues were there for that amazing lesson in professional conduct too.  Smiling, working, and playing very high quality music in some of the most appalling conditions I've seen (and that's saying something!).  You treated each other, and your audience, which such warmth.  Just lovely.  A big hug to all of you, and a job WELL DONE!"

"Company B is the quintessential 'cat's meow'.  They were the perfect fit for the Vancouver International Film Festival's 1930s themed gala.  I found Company B fun and friendly, and their music well researched, rehearsed, and performed.  Our 1,000+ guests enjoyed dancing, humming, snapping their fingers, and generally having a great time during their performance."

"One of the most delightful young bands to emerge on the Vancouver jazz scene in many years. ...they put their own stamp on every tune they play."

"These guys are GOOD!  They can get a heck of a lot of great music out of only three instruments and three vocalists"

"The Ocean Shores Jazz Society is excited and honored to have Company B returning to our festival this year.  I'm sure you will once again energize the crowd and get them moving.  We've had so many requests to have you back, it's wonderful!" 

"I often spin your songs at Saturday Night Swing. People just love them!  Company B is the tops!"

"...the hit of the 2009 Pender Harbour Jazz Festival. Total Fun!"

"This was one of the most fun evenings we have produced."

"This is one of my new favourite groups!  Their vibrant energy is infectious and they are chock full of musical talent to really do this style justice.  The remarkable vocal blends, driving rhythm section and unique arrangements will make them an instant favourite of yours too."

"Swellegant harmonies and backed up by a swinging band.  A winning combination of style and substance."

"I was very impressed with Company B.  Being the operator of a weekly swing dance event, I'm always looking for quality, classic swinging jazz bands and ensembles.  Company B did not disappoint.  The entire group was professional, their talent is unquestionable, and the three vocalists will liven up any show!"

"Company B is hard to dislike. ...even if you aren't a swing fan, I would recommend their show."


Upcoming Events

  • Jan 28
    St. Stephen's Anglican Church,  West Vancouver
  • Apr 5
    Shadbolt Centre for the Arts *private event*, 
  • May 18
    Missy Sippy,  Gent
  • May 19
    Crusoe's Coffee Shop,  Castlerock
  • May 20
    Crescent Arts Centre,  Belfast

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